Ash Van Jelly and the Wrong Kind of Friends

by Zara & Ellie, Year 6, St Marys C of E Primary, Twickenham

As you know, Pixie Van Dimple and I recently went along to St Marys C of E Primary School in Twickenham for an author visit! It was so successful and the children were so excited, asking soooo many questions, discussing the themes of Pixie’s books, remember? They were so engaged that they decided to write their own ‘Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of …………..?’ stories themselves!

So, as promised, and without further ado, we would like to introduce another new character to the series…. drum roll ……. Please welcome ……Ash Van Jelly …..

Before we launch into the story, I would like to congratulate the girls on a most spectacular piece of writing which is entertaining, funny, clever and carries a very important message which is very important in the Pixie Van Dimple stories. Write to us and tell us what you think the message is! I am soo very proud of them for collaborating to create such a brilliant character, who I am sure will get along with Pixie Van Dimple, Lil Red Hood and Penelope Horsatia Beanzs just fine! They will all be besties for ever I am sure!

So, here goes….

Ash Van Jelly was a weird kind of girl. She loved rugby, dogs, snakes, frogs, highland cows and her room was always in a tip. 
Ash Van Jelly loved to hang out with her friends but her friends didn't like to hang out with her because they thought she was extremely weird and different. Every time they would hang out her friends would ignore her and talk about her because they thought she never heard but she always did!
Ash Van Jelly realised they weren't joking and had enough of this. She made a plan to tell them how she felt and then told them the next day. 
Her friends reacted badly but she didn't care. She went and found some new friends and that was the end of the drama.
Her new friends were kind, caring and funny just like her. They didn't mind if Ash Van Jelly liked weird and different things because they all had their quirky things too. The End.
I have included my drawing of a Highland Cow, well, because Ash Van Jelly likes highland cows! This is Hamish!

As is tradition, and to get you peeps involved, the girls are looking for some help in creating the character Ash Van Jelly… how would she look in your imagination? Send us your ideas, drawings and illustrations and we will choose the best one and the one which we think most suits Ash. You can send an illustration of Ash doing something from the story, or Ash standing like a superhero, like Pixie above! We cannot wait to see what you come up with! You never know what might happen.. I am thinking of turning the stories into graphic novels!

Lots of love, Lynn and Pixie Van Dimple XOXOXO

Published by lynnmcallisterauthor

Lynn lives in Twickenham with her family. She has worked in education for some years and was compelled to write about the current issues affecting the pre-teens of today, sensing a need to highlight the dangers of living in a technological bubble! Lynn originates from Lancashire and grew up in Lincolnshire, moving to London in the 1990's migrating from South East London to South West London over the years. Her girls provide the inspiration for the protagonist and heroine in the drama, Pixie Van Dimple! ...more

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