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Pixie Van Dimple has arrived just in time to save our kids.

by Jayne Avery

We should all join Pixie on her mission to fight against mobile phone misuse, before the Okupators get everyone! Mobile phone addiction is now as prevalent as gambling or drinking addiction – a shocking but grim reality. Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Artificial Intelligence has arrived just in time to save our kids. The story is fast paced and fun – just the right tone for teenagers to relate to.
It has engaging illustrations as well – a great way to introduce the topic and spark meaningful discussion.


Serious subject of technology addiction told in a fun way

by footnite gamer boy/girl 7869

My 10 year old son read the book and he thoroughly enjoyed the story.

A few words challenged him which was good as it improves vocabulary.

The message of less screen time was clear and told in a fun way.

Overall he really liked reading it- highly recommended.

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