Pixie Van Dimple deliberates ….Consumption


Means : the act or process of using up or consuming or the act of eating or drinking something….

The word CONSUMPTION features in Pixie’s stories quite a lot on PURPOSE! Have you read the books? Can you spot the word ‘consumption‘ in the books?

In Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Artificial Intelligence we are describing how we are all glued to our devices endlessly and gives the impression that we are over consuming, or over-using our phones to the point of limits being reached! Not good Pixie can tell you! Sorry Pixie, I know you are not quite over that yet!

The possibilities of WiFi and multimedia messaging are gathering pace To propel us to become the most socially connected race. But our CONSUMPTION of the device now rising to glutinous degrees Is causing the most terrifying, zombie-fying brain freeze!’

Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Artificial Intelligence

In Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Wind, we are talking about actually eating too much sugar and how it is causing medical issues such as diabetes and it rots your teeth too! Not good either!

‘It was serious stuff this sugar CONSUMPTION Causing all manners of issues endemic to the society of today’

Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Wind

And in the latest story, Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Plastic, we are talking about Pixie and her sister, Trixie, eating too many sweets and fizzy drinks, and they were trying to hide the evidence! Not a good look Girls! “OMG!”

The girls exclaimed, realising that they had CONSUMED a lot of stuff that was indeed taboo. There was no bin in sight, nowhere to deposit the TOXIC waste Now all that ghastly tuck had left a bitter taste They looked around them sheepishly, the BAG dangling from Pixie’s hand They thought they should GET RID OF IT! Bury it in the sand?

Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Plastic

The word CONSUMPTION was chosen, to make us all feel just a little full! Like we had eaten too much… filled ourselves up. Overdone it! Pixie certainly had in all the stories which set off a whole sequence of events. And as for plastic waste – the tap is NEVER off :(((((

In Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Wind, this resulted in a very loud, smelly purple FART!!! (Horrified emoji!)

We can also describe our using up of things, such as the plastic and our continual using up of Earth’s resources as over-consuming. We can say that our shopping habits are out of control as we over consume, and our over-consumption of food is unhealthy, particularly, fast foods. Let’s think about the result of all this consumption… Well, you got it, it means there is loads of WASTE. UURRGGGG! What are we going to do with it all? Bury it in the ground?? Burn it?? Dump it in our oceans?? Noooooooooooo!

What we need to do is reduce our CONSUMPTION, stop buying more stuff and start recycling more, re-using stuff so that we are not producing vast and unmanageable amounts of WASTE. We must STOP throwing stuff away like single use plastics and things we don’t want or like anymore and recycle it – see value in used items. We must stop our linear way of thinking and think Circularity, like in Pixie Van Dimple’s rap 🙂 Think no more straight lines of taking, making, using up and chucking out, and moving towards a circular economy…where things are made to last and nothing is wasted! There – simples!

More of that next time…

In the meantime peeps, consider this… how much stuff do you CONSUME? and how much do you throw out? Do you RECYCLE stuff?

And a little challenge…

Find a household item, look at what it is made of? What are the components (parts) ? What else could you make out of the parts? Which part do you think is the most valuable?

Best responses get a free signed copy of one of the books or even both ! YAY!!!!!!


Published by lynnmcallisterauthor

Lynn lives in Twickenham with her family. She has worked in education for some years and was compelled to write about the current issues affecting the pre-teens of today, sensing a need to highlight the dangers of living in a technological bubble! Lynn originates from Lancashire and grew up in Lincolnshire, moving to London in the 1990's migrating from South East London to South West London over the years. Her girls provide the inspiration for the protagonist and heroine in the drama, Pixie Van Dimple! ...more

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