The Pixie Van Dimple Rap!

We are hoping to start working with the students this week on Pixie Van Dimple’s  recycle rap! It’s called ‘Recycle Wrap (Circularity!)’ – can’t wait to see how it goes! It is No Pens Day on Wednesday so we are focusing on oracy and speech !
Rap is a fantastic form of self expression for our students with speech and language difficulties . And the theme follows on from COP26 week to keep the climate change message alive!
BIG bonus that our Head Teacher is a music producer !

Pixie and I have written the lyrics so we will need to work together to produce the beat and the hip hop sound!
Watch this space – ears to the ground !!!

Its all going down and it’s gonna be ‘Gucci’!

We can get the teeny infants involved too !

Published by lynnmcallisterauthor

Lynn lives in Twickenham with her family. She has worked in education for some years and was compelled to write about the current issues affecting the pre-teens of today, sensing a need to highlight the dangers of living in a technological bubble! Lynn originates from Lancashire and grew up in Lincolnshire, moving to London in the 1990's migrating from South East London to South West London over the years. Her girls provide the inspiration for the protagonist and heroine in the drama, Pixie Van Dimple! ...more

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