Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Plastic

Well peeps, here it is, at last! Pixie Van Dimple and The Wrong Kind of Plastic has been PUBLISHED and is available on all online platforms including Amazon !

I am truly delighted we made it after a very long journey to the finish line for this children’s book, the second story in the series. It was indeed a very long journey, stalled by Covid when the production process almost came to a halt. The illustrators ultimately excelled themselves with the vibrant and vivid drawings we can see in the book. The story itself, written in rhyme to punctuate and create rhythm, a flow of words, intended to be read aloud, is fast-paced and filled with action, tension and wondrous language with a large dollop of humour, to make you smile. Will Pixie Van Dimple be reigning triumphantly at the end standing strong to fight another day, red cape flapping – or NOT??

The message is an important one. An act of petulant and thoughtless behaviour tips the balance at the seaside on a family day out. What follows is an unfolding of events on an epic scale featuring an embryonic creature spawned out of plastic waste, which ‘fueled by more and more plastic waste’ grows grotesquely into a raging monster hell bent on revenge!

Earth’s lungs at sea are choked with mankind’s debris and indifference! Our inability to live harmoniously with nature and the delicate balance of life in the oceans comes home to roost as destruction ensues and fishy missiles are fired indiscriminately at everything and everyone unfortunate enough to be well, around at the time! OMG!

There are many discussions to be had about this book and many subjects to cover.. whether it is English language, punctuation, poetry, history, geography, science, art and technology AND the big big issue of PLASTIC , or a lavishly constructed feast of wondrous words, it cannot be underestimated as an essential educational edifice waiting to be instated in every classroom and to be held in every childs’ hands!!

A little taste of what is to come … and a fabulous review from Educational Consultant for SOS and Thinking Matters, Julie Norman BA PGCE NPQH NPQEL FCCT !

We will go on to explore all these discussions … NEXT TIME …

We will start with English language…

Lots of Love


Published by lynnmcallisterauthor

Lynn lives in Twickenham with her family. She has worked in education for some years and was compelled to write about the current issues affecting the pre-teens of today, sensing a need to highlight the dangers of living in a technological bubble! Lynn originates from Lancashire and grew up in Lincolnshire, moving to London in the 1990's migrating from South East London to South West London over the years. Her girls provide the inspiration for the protagonist and heroine in the drama, Pixie Van Dimple! ...more

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