Pixie Van Dimple’s 2FA Rap! (that is 2 factor authentication!)

Pixie van Dimple has been busy being creative! To make a point and to educate! Come on kids, who knows about 2FA ? Why do we need to keep our information safe online? Do you know where to find 2FA? A clue? Well, you could check out Settings! All apps have settings and that isContinue reading “Pixie Van Dimple’s 2FA Rap! (that is 2 factor authentication!)”

Pixie Van Dimple Loves Familiarity

Pixie is reading her book again…. she loves reading her book over and over! Not just her own book, but lots of books – her favourites which she has in pride of place on her book shelf in her bedroom. Pixie loves reading – she is curious and reads new books, old books, reference books,Continue reading “Pixie Van Dimple Loves Familiarity”

The Pixie Van Dimple Rap!

We are hoping to start working with the students this week on Pixie Van Dimple’s  recycle rap! It’s called ‘Recycle Wrap (Circularity!)’ – can’t wait to see how it goes! It is No Pens Day on Wednesday so we are focusing on oracy and speech !Rap is a fantastic form of self expression for our students with speech and language difficulties . AndContinue reading “The Pixie Van Dimple Rap!”

Pixie Van Dimple deliberates…

On the subject of #English and #Technology ..Reading widely and often increases pupils’ vocabulary because they encounter words they would rarely hear or use in everyday speech. Children (in years 5 & 6) should.. understand what they read by: checking that the book makes sense to them, discussing their understanding and exploring the meaning ofContinue reading “Pixie Van Dimple deliberates…”

Pixie Van Dimple takes part in The Sue Atkins Book Club Book Fair!!

The most wonderful thing happened recently! Yes! The Sue Atkins Book Club had it’s very own Book Fair! All us authors had a chance to present our books in a unique experience for us all. Hosted by Ian Gilbert of Independent Thinking, it was an invaluable opportunity to showcase our books, both for children andContinue reading “Pixie Van Dimple takes part in The Sue Atkins Book Club Book Fair!!”

Pixie Van Dimple Tech Wordsearch!

Got a challenge for you kids! Yes! A wordsearch puzzle! You need to check out the list below and see if you can find the words which may appear vertically, horizontally diagonally, backwards or forwards! You can do it! All the words in the wordsearch can be found in Pixie’s book! How many can youContinue reading “Pixie Van Dimple Tech Wordsearch!”

Pixie Van Dimple Reflects…..

Pixie Van Dimple wants to empower children across the world, inspire them and give out some positive energy ! We hope that you are all enjoying the summer and feeling hopeful about the future.. Take time out for a few minutes, take a few deep breaths and always remember….. Children – have fun, play withContinue reading “Pixie Van Dimple Reflects…..”