Pixie Van Dimple Resources for Schools, Students and Parents

Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Artificial Intelligence I have embarked on a series of Author visits recently and hope to continue visiting Primary Schools and reading and talking all things ‘Pixie Van Dimple and Friends’ with more students! I thought that the crib sheet we use for Pixie Van Dimple and theContinue reading “Pixie Van Dimple Resources for Schools, Students and Parents”

Penelope Horsatia Beanzs and the Wrong Kind of Alone Time

by Olive and Ivy, Year 6, St Marys C of E Primary, Twickenham. Pixie Van Dimple and I recently went along to St Marys C of E Primary School in Twickenham for an author visit! It was so successful and the children were so excited, asking soooo many questions, discussing the themes of Pixie’s books!Continue reading “Penelope Horsatia Beanzs and the Wrong Kind of Alone Time”

Pixie Van Dimple’s Recycle Wrap (Circularity!)

Pixie Van Dimple and me have written lyrics for a rap! It ‘s called ‘Recycle Wrap (Circularity!) and it is an anthem for change! Yes indeed! and we have BIG plans for it! We thought carefully about the lyrics and the message we want to get out there. What do you think peeps? We wereContinue reading “Pixie Van Dimple’s Recycle Wrap (Circularity!)”

Pixie Van Dimple’s 2FA Rap! (that is 2 factor authentication!)

Pixie van Dimple has been busy being creative! To make a point and to educate! Come on kids, who knows about 2FA ? Why do we need to keep our information safe online? Do you know where to find 2FA? A clue? Well, you could check out Settings! All apps have settings and that isContinue reading “Pixie Van Dimple’s 2FA Rap! (that is 2 factor authentication!)”

Pixie Van Dimple Loves Familiarity

Pixie is reading her book again…. she loves reading her book over and over! Not just her own book, but lots of books – her favourites which she has in pride of place on her book shelf in her bedroom. Pixie loves reading – she is curious and reads new books, old books, reference books,Continue reading “Pixie Van Dimple Loves Familiarity”

The Pixie Van Dimple Rap!

We are hoping to start working with the students this week on Pixie Van Dimple’s  recycle rap! It’s called ‘Recycle Wrap (Circularity!)’ – can’t wait to see how it goes! It is No Pens Day on Wednesday so we are focusing on oracy and speech !Rap is a fantastic form of self expression for our students with speech and language difficulties . AndContinue reading “The Pixie Van Dimple Rap!”