Pixie Van Dimple takes part in The Sue Atkins Book Club Book Fair!!

The most wonderful thing happened recently! Yes! The Sue Atkins Book Club had it’s very own Book Fair! All us authors had a chance to present our books in a unique experience for us all. Hosted by Ian Gilbert of Independent Thinking, it was an invaluable opportunity to showcase our books, both for children andContinue reading “Pixie Van Dimple takes part in The Sue Atkins Book Club Book Fair!!”

Polymer Pixie and Plastic Pollution

Originally posted on Lynn McAllister:
Guess who came to school today on World Ocean Day to talk to the students about plastic waste?! Yes polymer Pixie made out of plastic waste ! It was great to chat about how we are going to deal with the volume of plastic waste and how companies like Prevented…

Pixie Van Dimple needs your help children…!

Pixie Van Dimple needs to enlist ALL you children out there, who are passionate about changing the world, sharing ideas and making a difference! She knows that you all care; about the environment, climate change, pollution, recycling and sustainability, animal welfare, animal cruelty and bad farming practices for example – and having a VOICE! PixieContinue reading “Pixie Van Dimple needs your help children…!”

Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Wind

Lynn McAllister Should I gobble it up?  thought Pixie Van Dimple? Who’s going to know ?  Do I REALLY care? Just a minuscule (adjective: small, tiny) mouthful of milky chocolate  Cannot cataclysmically TRANSFORM ME into an  ‘evil saboteur’? Can’t make me a really bad person!!! Translation!  Cataclysmically, adverb Means in a violently destructive manner, whichContinue reading “Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Wind”


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